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Does your business supply mobile devices (phones, iPads, tablets) to staff for use within their occupation? In the event of damage, does your business incur the costs associated with repair of these devices?

If this is the case, we have a proposition for you! No longer do you need to risk paying an inflated price for a worker’s phone repair, as Phone Culture is willing to develop a special “Business to Business” relationship that ensures:

  • Consistent Pricing
  • An Applied Discount of 10%
  • Extended Warranty (6 Months)

Phone Culture’s clear-cut service will improve your business’s efficiency by removing the need to reimburse your staff’s personal accounts or trust them with a business credit card.

So how will a transaction play out?

  1. Either drop in or mail your devices to our store.
  2. We will book in details, perform an initial inspection of the device & then send you a ticket with your device information.
  3. Notify us if you wish to G/A (Go Ahead) or instead raise any discrepancies.
  4. Now await a ‘status update’ notification from your Phone Culture store with an accompanying invoice.
  5. Experience free express postage (see T&C) return for mailed-in devices, or come pick up your device when it’s next suitable.
  6. Payment can be made via Bank Transaction or upon collection of the device.
  7. Once payment is received we will close the ticket and email you a receipt!

Here’s how to get started:

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