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Whatever your mobile device needs, we can do it!

Here at Phone Culture, we offer a wide selection of repairs to suit all your mobile device needs. From Apple to Samsung, Xiaomi to Oppo, our expert technicians can ensure quality repairs in fast times. For over five years we have developed our repair skills to facilitate this ever-evolving industry, meaning we offer solutions for all mobile phones, iPads, tablets and even laptop screens/batteries.

Rest assured, whatever issue your phone or device has we have methods to fix it! Some of the more common repairs our technicians complete are screen/LCD replacements (no touch, no image or cracked glass), batteries, charging ports, speakers, microphones, cameras, audio ports, service/reception issues, home buttons, menu buttons and much more! Our repair range covers ALL mobile phones and tablets. We also have experience replacing laptop batteries and repairing laptops that have suffered physical damage to the screen. If you’re ever wondering if we can repair your model, just ask! There is no charge for a repair quote!

But how long does a repair take?”

In-House Repair

We keep the part in stock and will immediately commence with repair.

Duration = Less than 1 hour

special order

We do not stock the part but we will order it immediately and repair in store.

Duration = less than 2 days.


We will outsource this job to expert technicians who perform motherboard repairs.

Duration = up to 7 business days.

What If It Can’t Be Repaired?”

Despite being the Central Coast’s BEST Mobile Repair & Accessory provider, sometimes even we cannot restore a device. Our repair procedure ensures we give every repair 100% because when we cannot fix a device “in-house”, we outsource to the industry equivalent of brain surgeons!

This is the final step in all our repair procedures and unfortunately if the device is rejected, as far as we are concerned it is deemed non-repairable. Even though we’ve expended all options on attempting repair, we will NOT charge for any of our time if the attempted repair was unsuccessful.


“So what quality of parts are being used?”

In this industry the quality of parts is EVERYTHING. As a customer, you don’t like returning with a fault – As a technician, we don’t like to do 2x the work!

That’s why at Phone Culture, we are constantly seeking the best screens and parts to ensure an efficient repair process:

Apple Phones – we offer a choice between AAA grade aftermarket screens or Apple Original Refurbished screens,

Samsung phones – we ONLY offer Samsung Service Pack screens (the highest quality screen)

Other Android phones – Due to no market dominance, sourcing of parts can be challenging. Rest assured, we ALWAYS choose Original when it’s available.



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