Terms & Conditions

T’s & C’s

Terms & Conditions

Please Refer To The Following For Phone Culture’s Terms & Conditions.

  1. All products and repairs purchased from Phone Culture PTY LTD (Phone Culture) include a 3-month limited warranty. During this warranty period Phone Culture will repair or replace, at no charge, products or parts of a product that are deemed to be defective or do not function as intended, due to improper material or workmanship consistent with normal use and maintenance.
  2. Extensions to our 3-month limited warranty will apply for our Registered Business Partners, whom will be entitled to a 6-month limited warranty period
  3. All warranty claims must be accompanied by a proof of purchase. Phone Culture will hold all mail-in transaction receipts, but in the rare event of data corruption, we decline sole responsibility for your record maintenance.
  4. We will provide a 10% discount on all accessories and services to our Registered Business Partners. Please note, this discount will not apply to sales of whole devices such as second hand phones.
  5. A device that encounters ‘liquid damage’ or ‘physical damage’ at any stage post-repair will void warranty.
  6. Allowing a Phone Culture ‘Mobile Technician’ to work on your device will void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  7. Phone Culture will endeavour to immediately supply a quote for your mail-in repair and will not proceed until the quoted price is given authorisation. In the event additional parts are required, Phone Culture will contact you with an additional quote and request further authorisation.
  8. The device will not be returned to the customer until payment confirmation is received. After receiving confirmation, Phone Culture will act to have the device immediately posted back.
  9. Any deposit taken for a special order is non-refundable unless: a) The part cannot be sourced. b) The repair of the device is unsuccessful.
  10. Phone Culture will cover the return postage cost unless: a) The device cannot be repaired. b) The transaction value is below $100.00. c) Warranty is declined on Terms & Conditions (Refer to line no.5)
  11. Phone Culture will not guarantee the return or refitting of originally defective parts.
  12. In the case of product shipping delays or unavailability, Phone Culture will not accept responsibility for circumstances beyond their control.
  13. The customer is responsible for backing up their device prior to sourcing a repair. Any loss of information that may occur during transit, repair or at any other time is not the responsibility of Phone Culture.
  14. Phone Culture does not accept any responsibility beyond what is expressed within this document. The customer acknowledges that any repair is undertaken at their own risk.


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